1. The Hope Diamond ( $200-$250 Million )


The hope Diamond is an antique cushion cut diamond, it is originated from Kollur mine, Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh, India. The Hope Diamond is one of the most famous jewels in the world, with ownership records dating back almost four centuries. Its much-admired rare blue color is due to trace amounts of boron atoms. Weighing 45.52 carats, its exceptional size has revealed new findings about the formation of gemstones. It acquired its name when it appeared in the catalogue of a gem collection owned by a London banking family called Hope in 1839. Later it was sold to Washington socialite Evalyn Walsh McLean who was often seen wearing it. Since 1958, it has been on exhibition at Washington’s National Museum of Natural History.


2. Peacock Brooch by Graff ( $100 Million )


Peacock Brooch by Graff is a 20.02 carat fancy deep blue pear shape diamond, according to the luxury diamond jewelry company it is one of the rarest blue diamonds in the world. Graff Diamonds has taken part in TEFAF since 2001, where the jeweler has unveiled and sold large and fancy diamonds, including the Gemini Yellows, a pair of 50-plus carat fancy intense yellow diamond earrings and a 100-carat, D flawless pear-shape diamond. In 2008, Graff sold a 70.12-carat yellow diamond for $11 million followed by a 30-carat emerald-cut diamond that achieved $5 million at the fair in 2009. TEFAF Maastricht runs from March 15 to 24 this year.


3. Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond ( $80 Million )


The Fancy Deep Blue Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond orinanted from india, it is discovered in  mid-1600. The diamond was now more than 4 carats lighter and was renamed the Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond. There is controversy, as critics claim the recutting has so altered the diamond as to make it unrecognisable, compromising its historical integrity. The original Wittelsbach Diamond, also known as Der Blaue Wittelsbacher, Its colour and clarity had been compared to the Hope Diamond. The diamond had measured 24.40 millimetres in diameter and 8.29 millimetres in depth. It had 82 facets arranged in an atypical pattern. The star facets on the crown were vertically split, and the pavilion had sixteen needle-like facets arranged in pairs, pointing outward from the culet facet.


4. Pink Star Diamond Ring ( $72 Million )


The Pink Star ring is Fancy Vivid Pink, the Pink Star ring is weighing 59.60 carat. The Pink Star was displayed as part of the Smithsonian’s “The Splendor of Diamonds” exhibit, alongside theDe Beers Millennium Star, the world’s second largest top colour internally and externally flawless pear-shaped diamond at 203.04 carat, the Heart of Eternity Diamond, a 27.64 carat heart-cut blue diamond and the Moussaieff Red Diamond, the world’s largest known Fancy Red diamond at 5.11 carat. The Pink Star was bought by New York diamond cutter Isaac Wolf who renamed it The Pink Dream. However according to Forbes magazine, the auction price has so far not been settled by the buyer and the stone has now been added to the Sotheby’s inventory. As of May 2016 the diamond was still with Sotheby’s, as the 2013 buyer could not afford the price.


5. L’Incomparable Necklace ( $55 Million )


L’Incomparable, the necklace created by luxury jeweler Mouawad features a yellow, internally flawless diamond of more than 407 carats suspended from a rose gold setting that is studded with 90 white diamonds weighing nearly 230 carats. The remainder of the necklace consists of 35 round diamonds, 27 pear-shaped diamonds, nine heart-shaped diamonds, five emerald-cut diamonds, five cushion diamonds, four oval diamonds, three Asscher-cut diamonds and two radiant diamonds. L’Incomparable diamond necklace has been named the world’s most expensive necklace byGuinness World Records, according to media reports, with a valuation of $55 million.


6. The Graff Pink ( $46.2 Million )


The Graff Pink is an Emerald cut diamond, it is a rare 24.78 carat pink diamond, once owned by American celebrity jeweller Harry Winston, has been described as “one of the greatest diamonds ever discovered”. The diamond, mounted in a ring, was sold by Sotheby’s auctioneers in Geneva,Switzerland on 16 November 2010. Before its sale, the stone was expected to enter the list of the top ten most expensive diamonds in the world on selling for US $46 million it became the most expensive single jewel ever sold at auction at that time. The gem is classified by the Gemological Institute of America as “fancy intense pink” a high colour rating for pink diamonds and has been assessed as Diamond type IIa, placing it in the top two per cent of the world’s diamonds.


7. The Orange ( $36 Million )


The orange is a Fancy orange 14.82 carat diamond. It is mostly founded in Australia and South Africa.Typically these modifying colors are brown, yellow or pink. If the stone’s color is less than 25 percent orange, it will be deemed “orangy” instead. Orangy diamonds, diamonds that the orange color is secondary, are not difficult to come by in the market, but orange diamonds are highly uncommon. The largest fancy vivid orange diamond to ever appear at auction shattered a world record as it sold for $36 Million.


8. The Zoe Diamond ( $32.6 Million )


The Zoe Diamond is a 9.75 carat Fancy Vivid Blue Diamond. It was auctioned by Sotheby’s NY as part of the collection of Mrs. Paul Mellon, one of the most famous bankers that made his fortune investing in finance, industrial and oil sectors. As it seems, his Midas touch rubbed off also to his diamond investments. The diamond was bought by a private collector from Hong Kong who fought off competition from six other bidders during a tense 20-minute auction and went on to christen the stone “The Zoe Diamond”. Blue diamonds are among the rarest and sought after diamonds. The combination of these two makes them extremely expensive.


9. The Diamond Bikini ( $30 Million )


The Diamond Bikini was designed by Susan Rosen, the bikini has a 51 carat pear shape diamond, a 30 carat emerald cut diamond, a pair of 15 carat rounds and a pair of 8 carat pear shape diamonds. The sparklers are set in rust resistant platinum. It is also have 150 carats of D Flawless diamonds supplied by Steinmetz Diamonds, the two-piece, modeled by Molly Sims, is reportedly the most expensive item of diamond apparel ever made. All of the diamonds are free of additions, or nature’s birthmarks, assembly theglitter and unsurpassable vividness. That, together with the ideal of D colored stones, which is place in platinum, makes the bikini beyond a doubt astonishing. This dazzling diamond bikini reveals the everlasting adore and gorgeousness of women.


10. The Hutton-Mdivani Jadeite Necklace ( $27.4 million )


The Hutton-Mdivani Jadeite Necklace is most famous necklace in in the world. It was purchased by The Cartier Collection after what was reported to be 18 minutes of bidding for  $27.4 million at Sotheby’s Hong Kong Magnificent Jewels and Jadeite Auction, held Monday. The owner and the wearer of this spectacular jadeite necklace was indeed a figure of utmost importance in the world of jewellery collection in the past century, a famous socialite with a lavish taste for luxurious living, prodigal when acquiring the most exquisite gems, but never imprudent in her tasteful and refined selection: ‘Million Dollar Baby’ Ms Barbara Hutton. Every piece of jewel in her treasury was worthy of special mention, and this one of a kind jadeite bead necklace by Cartier is no exception.




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