1. City Mapper


City mapper app is making cities easy to use. It is built for commuters and their daily needs. It is View the official metro or subway map, walking, bus, rail, ferry, Uber, taxi & cab, bike share and train maps by San Francisco, Chicago, New York, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Boston, Seattle, Baltimore, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, London, Paris and many other cities. And it is also view all subway and train times even when you are offline.


2. Runtastic


Runtastic is a free GPS Running and Fitness tracking app. Runtastic track activities such as running, jogging, biking & walking and track your fitness as distance, time, speed, elevation, calories burned and more. It is the best running app and its fully optimized for Android. Runtastic GPS Running & Fitness tracker app provides you with many more features to improve your fitness and ensure you’re enjoying your workout. It is also provides tips and tricks from professional coaches to help you reach your fitness goals.


3. Djay 2


Djay 2 is the next generation world’s best selling DJ app for all android device. djay 2 transforms your Android device into a fully featured DJ system and you can perform live, record mixes, or enable Automix mode to let djay create a seamless mix for you automatically. Seamlessly integrated with Spotify and all the music on your device, djay gives you direct access to mix your favorite songs and playlists instantly. djay 2 offers you the most intuitive yet powerful DJ experience on an Android device.


4. Opera max


Opera Max is a data management and data savings android app that shrinks videos and photos on almost any app on mobile data connections, as well as wifi. Opera Max app help to save megabytes of data while using popular apps like YouTube, netflix, line, instagram, google chrome, gaana, pandora, slacker radio, and more, control how much data you use while roaming, monitor apps to see which ones consume the most data, prevent apps from using background data, boost wifi speeds and save more data etc.


5. Wifi Mapper


Wifi Mapper is the most popular wifi android application. It is help to find wifi spots from around the world, wifi hotspots with tips and password, Smart cafe, hotel, city and country search, MAP navigation and define your current location offline etc. It is top 1 wifi app in 50 countries, top 1 in travel category in 100 countries and it is contains more than a 6,000,000 wifi hotspots.


6. Periscope


Periscope is the most popular and useful app foe all android device. Periscope use to broadcast live video and interact with people through hearts and comments, discover popular live video streams from around the world or search for broadcasts by location or topic, replay highlights of live videos, instantly share your live videos to Twitter and other social networks and broadcast privately to specific followers or friends. And it is also help to see where news is breaking, visit a new place, or meet people and share interests all in real time.


7. Calorie Counter


Calorie Counter is the world’s most popular health and fitness app for all android device. This aap is halp to track your daily diet and exercise in 5 minutes a day, more than a 6,000,000 food database of global items and cuisines. Virtually every food you eat is in our database already, barcode scanner – track a food just by scanning it’s barcode. Over 4 million barcodes recognized. It is also help to track all major nutrients like calories, fat, protein, carbs, sugar, fiber and cholesterol etc.


8. Uber


Uber is a ride sharing app that connects passengers with drivers. Uber is an alternative to regular taxis instead of hailing a cab on the street or booking one over the phone, this app lets you to order a private driver with the click of a button. You can choose between five categories of vehicle sranging from economy to luxurious, although these options aren’t available in every city. Before ordering a driver, you can get a quote by entering your starting point and your destination. While it’s only an estimate, it’s pretty accurate to what you’ll pay.


9. Vine


Vine is the most popular video sharing android app where users can share six-second-long looping video clips. Vine app has attracted different types of uses, including short-form comedy and music performances, video editing, and stop motion animation. The service has also been used for journalism. Vine enables users to record short video clips up to around six seconds long while recording through its in-app camera. The camera records only while the screen is being touched, enabling users to edit on the fly or create stop motion effects.


10. Next Lock Screen


Next Lock Screen is the best screen lock android app for busy professionals. Next Lock Screen is available worldwide and supports the English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese languages. It is help to view missed calls, text messages, and message notifications from apps like Facebook, Gmail and WhatsApp. Next Lock Screen help to protect your phone with a PIN or pattern code. Fingerprint unlock is available on hardware-supported devices. Smart lock based on location, easily call or text your favorite contacts from the lock screen, check the local weather with automatic updates etc.


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